About us

Pitch Invaders is an American-based apparel company born out of a shared love for the sport that knows no boundaries – soccer – also known as the beautiful game. We understand the thrill of those last-minute goals, the joy of victory, and the camaraderie that unites players and fans worldwide.

As fervent enthusiasts of soccer, we are deeply committed to fostering the growth and prosperity of the sport within the United States. Unfortunately, soccer continues to face challenges in resonating with a wider audience, compounded by the prevalent pay-to-play framework. At Pitch Invaders, we are cultivating a grassroots culture by forging partnerships with local soccer organizations and promoting the sport in many ways through our brand. Our motto is "THE PITCH IS FOR THE PEOPLE" because we are committed to inclusivity, aiming to establish a community of both current and future soccer fans.

With every design, we aim to capture the essence of soccer's electric energy and the unwavering spirit of our iconic scorpion logo - a symbol of tenacity, agility, and edge. This is just the beginning for Pitch Invaders so stick around to see what products we come up with next and get ready to join the invasion.